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The Art of Repetition

There are some things in life that annoy the hell out of you: a dripping bathroom tap, despite you doing the right thing and putting in a new washer; SBS TV adds incessantly flogging insurance for "motoring enthusiasts, and our Prime Minister's terrible recent habit of repeating things three times within 15 seconds when interviewed.

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WikiLeaks warning - be careful what you say

The recent WikiLeaks controversy demonstrates two interesting points – check your facts before speaking publicly about an issue and be careful of what you say in private.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard found out the importance of the former recently when she accused WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange of an 'illegal act' in publishing classified US diplomatic cables on his website.

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Who owns an interview

So you've just got off the phone after being interviewed by a journalist. You're not happy.

Maybe the tone of the journalist suggested he/she might pursue a particular angle to the detriment of the whole picture.

Maybe you doubted the journalist's ability to record your quotes correctly; or to accurately record the facts you provided.

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