Working With Us

Before each course

We don't just pitch up and train. We firstly ascertain what you want to achieve with your media-trained team. We then put in the time analysing timely media interview subjects that populate your industry, sector and your organisation. 

Prior to each training session we distribute pre-training questionnaires to establish each delegates media interview experience. Here we find out what each delegate personally wants to achieve and any communication issues they perceive they have. This is fed back into the course, allowing us to address participants' concerns.

Before the course, we work with you to build-in your corporate media procedures and make sure these are covered on the day. In this way delegates are clear about issues they can comment on and the procedures to follow when the media calls.

And well before training day we devise a series of interview scenarios that delegates will be interviewed on. We analyse individual needs based on position, roles and responsibilities.


What we need

We appreciate getting senior managers together is a big commitment and logistically difficult. We work with you to find dates that fit with your schedule and needs.

Most of our training courses are run at our clients' premises. Some clients prefer an outside training environment or studio and we cater for all needs. If we come to your premises then all we need is a main room with table, chairs, whiteboard and facility for projection; a telephone, and a separate room for TV interviews, and a commitment that participants won't be interrupted!


Guiding principles and our approach

We work to the premise if your team learns how the media works and what journalists are looking for, they will be confident when preparing for media interviews.

We use a system for interview preparation that is easy to remember  This includes: setting interview objectives, preparing key messages for each interview and learning how anticipate and deal with difficult questions.

We focus on interview performance. It covers key tips on interview control, speculation, and flagging techniques to produce more effective spokespeople.

We conduct down-the-phone, face-to-face and TV interviews. It is at this point your team puts it all together. They experience interview preparation, practice and performance based on pre-prepared scenarios. Our practice sessions are conducted with the training team and with specialist journalists highly expert in your industry.

Interviews are recorded and delegates receive instant feedback on their performance based on their messaging, interview control and personal style.

After the course  we provide copies of the presentation and supporting information, and a feedback form to monitor our service. Course handouts summarise key points  and remind delegates how to prepare for media interviews into the future.

Course arrangements can be changed without penalty up to 10 working days before an agreed course date. With less notice, we charge a 50% fee and any costs that we may have incurred.